Generations or “Mom, I’m Trans

Generations or “Mom, I’m Trans.”


When her grown son informed her

that he was, in fact, her daughter,

her liberalism was momentarily shaken.


Always one to go for the laugh, her response

was “At least you’re doing it when it’s trendy,”

followed by, “We love you and just want you

to be happy.”


She navigated the five stages of grief

with a modicum of grace, through

tears and fears,

responses no doubt appropriate for her advancing years, arriving

at a place of radical acceptance, fueled by love,


advocacy being the logical next step.


But telling others presented another

challenge, the lifelong black cloud of

“What will they think?”


Secretly relieved that grandparents were

dead , she gradually disclosed to family

and friends that he

was gone

and Emily had arrived, eliciting shock, horror,

bafflement, and ultimately, support,

voiced in exclamations of “OMFG,”,

“How do you feel about that?” and “I’m here for you.”


Millenials, adolescents, and children,

hearing the cataclysmic news,

generally reacted with, “That’s great!” or

“Cool. What’s for dinner?”


leading her to believe the impending state

of the union is better than we think.