Along with terror over the fate of my country, I’m also filled with fear at what may be coming in terms of reversals of the progress we’ve made in the LGBTQ community. ¬†Diversity and inclusion sure don’t seem like part of the mix in our new administration. I refuse to go back to fearing for Emily’s safety every minute of every day. Parents of transitioning children make a torturous journey through the five stages of grieving, reaching a place of acceptance and unconditional love. I know I have. Safety concerns persist longer but lately, it has seemed like progress is being made toward embracing the dignity in all God’s creatures. Now, who knows? ¬†Divisiveness and outright hate swirl around us. All we can do is our best to let go and love. And pray. ¬†I pray for my beautiful, happy daughter who is at last, comfortable in her own skin.