Had a meltdown on the plane. Hubby was sweet and supportive; then I went ballistic because there was no food till 4:30 PM. HALT – hungry, angry, lonely, tired. I actually panic when there’s no food. Finally grabbed a sandwich at Starbucks, calmed down.

He looks the same, minus the beard and wearing blue nail polish (nice shade), so the entry was pretty okay, a little teary. He/she is so loving, we are so confused. We voiced some immediate concerns but saving them for the session. The apartment is still male, except the bathroom is somewhat feminized, and there are make-up books on the hamper. His ex and his best friend  joined us for more teary hugs and dinner at a cool Indian restaurant. I wondered if the nail polish would get funny looks, prepared my “rock musician” speech. Duh…

The medication gave him the hiccoughs through much of dinner which was disturbing and hilarious. We went back to the apartment and basically had a support group  for our son/daughter. They were eloquent and terrific. I feel worse for N – she is losing her lover and gaining…what? R shared his experience

of coming out to his parents – their concerns similar to ours. He loves Emily and is glad she’s not leaving. R was more open than I’ve ever seen him. Emily kept hiccoughing which was comic relief.  Tomorrow we meet with the therapist. This will definitely get tougher as the physical changes start, as Emily (thank God, not Ashley, N and i both hated that name) emerges.

Courage, radical acceptance, and love, dear friends..

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  1. Amazing chance to be privy to your beautiful mind as you explore this brave new world. Apologies for my cliches, they’re meant sincerely. Love to you, dear friend.

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