First Poem

I took sustenance from tectonic plates

of complacency, believing

earth was solid, identity a given,

at least in my circles.

my legacy was safe, the particular

crystal ball in which I perceived my future

was clear.

My, mine, my, mine.

All the while, you hid

behind matchbox cars, denial,

your room walled with secrets,

in battle with those same perceptions, despairing

over the vacuousness of your life.

A seismic apocalypse has freed you, opened

a hole of grief and loss for us.

We honor your passing with sorrow, wash

away the sadness with tears, pray that love

supports transformation,

welcome Emily.

2 thoughts on “First Poem”

  1. As the journey of our story of life on earth continues to unfold, know that I am thinking of you all, holding you Emily’s Mom, Emily’s Dad and Emily, in a loving embrace and wishing you an easy transition on your new adventure. May each of you have the courage and knowledge to engage and understand what taking care of yourself really means while you love and support each other.

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